Granadas: Touching Heart In A Special Idiosyncratic Painting

Art is ingrained within our lives in many shapes and forms. It lifts our souls and gives us hope. Among the many art forms, painting is probably the most familiar form we find comfort in. Paintings are also one of the most expressive forms of art, it gives artists complete freedom to express themselves. Maybe that’s why some paintings feel closer to our souls than others, just as the painting we’re talking about today. The painting is named “Granadas,” and it might feel almost personal to people of the Jewish culture.


Granadas: Original Painting on Canvas
Granadas: Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Carmen Garcia Studio
Granadas: A Painting That Hits Home

Granadas is an acrylic painting done on canvas. It’s a 50 cm x 50 cm painting that comes without the frame. It is available as both a canvas painting and a digital print. The artist credited for this artwork is Carmen Garcia Studio. The painting doesn’t look like much at first sight, but as you observe it, it reminds you of your culture and roots and almost feels nostalgic. This intense feeling is what makes it stand out, in our opinion.


What You See

The painting is done on a black background and portrays wheat, barley, and pomegranate on a table.

Granadas is drawn with darker acrylic colors. The backdrop, the table, and even some of the pomegranates are drawn with toned-down colors, so the whole painting doesn’t hit you square on your face at first sight, as other paintings do.

This is almost somber instead, revealing its full glamor only if you take your time to observe it. The highlights balance out the painting very well; the contrast makes the viewer take their time to get the whole scenario.


What It Means

The painting for us is a big reminder (or throwback, if you will) to the Jewish culture. The sheaf and pomegranates are prominent markers in Jewish culture, so it is easy to draw the parallels and let your mind interpret the rest. If you belong to the Jewish culture, this will remind you of your culture as a whole, not just any specific part.


The First Impression: How Do You Feel When You See It?

Pomegranates are essential because of their regular presence in Jewish culture, and this painting reminds you of exactly that – Jewish culture.

When you see the painting first, you instantly notice the pomegranate. But then you take the whole thing in, and a much more complete picture shows up. The wheat and barley sheaf, along with pomegranate, belongs to the Shivat Haminim or seven species of Israel.

The placement of the cereal-crop sheaf and the lighting on them balance out the darker background and subtly draws the viewer’s attention to the less apparent pomegranates. Granadas instantly takes the viewer back to the learning days, and that’s the first on-your-face impression it gives.

At first, the pomegranates can feel more blended to the background, especially if you’re following the barley sheaf or the vase. It’s almost showing how pomegranate is believed to be the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

But after the initial impression, the pomegranates stand out as the main character of this painting. The pomegranates are both whole and split open, the open ones acting like a highlight of the otherwise ordinary bunch.


What Pomegranates Symbolize

The symbolism of pomegranates in Jewish culture is immense. Pomegranate is almost everywhere, from the Song of Songs, portraying love, to rituals for Jewish holidays, portraying human values. The presence of pomegranate in important Jewish rituals works as the connection between the viewer and the painting to make it feel familiar.

The pomegranate symbolizes knowledge, righteousness, and wisdom in Jewish culture. It is said that pomegranates have 613 seeds, and each of them represents one of the 613 commandments. While the number of seeds isn’t consistent, the sentiment is.

Pomegranate is also known to make appearances as a historical symbol. For example, it was seen on some ancient Judean currencies. King Solomon is also said to have his crown designed after the pomegranate, and the structure is also present on the Torah scroll covers.


Pomegranates in Jewish Feasts

But the most visible presence of pomegranates in Jewish culture is on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year).

Pomegranates are a common item for the second night of Rosh Hashanah. On the first night of Rosh Hashanah, prayers are said over apples, wine, and challah sweetened with honey.

On the second night, however, custom calls for prayers over a fruit that hasn’t been eaten in a long time. Pomegranates fill the place of “fruit that hasn’t been eaten in a long time” pretty regularly. Even the prayer said during the first night of Rosh Hashanah includes pomegranate symbolism (may our lives be full of merits like the pomegranate is full of seeds).

The symbolism aside, the pomegranate and Rosh Hashanah are very closely related. The pomegranate during Rosh Hashanah doesn’t just represent wisdom or knowledge; it also represents a new beginning and familial bond. The promise of new beginnings, the hope, and the closeness – these are all related to Rosh Hashanah and, in some ways, pomegranate.

For some people, a pomegranate in itself symbolizes Rosh Hashanah, and that’s what the painting reminds the viewer of – hope, wisdom, a new beginning, and above all, the root of it all comes back to the viewer through this painting.


Is the Painting for You?

Yes, if you’re looking for something that isn’t overly bright or to use in a professional setting. The painting is 50 cm x 50 cm, so you won’t need a lot of space for it. Since the color palette is more on the toned-down side, it will be suitable for pretty much every living space. But this is most suitable for you if you want something more personal to you or something that’s a part of your identity.

If you don’t want the physical painting, you can also get a digital copy of it for a much lower price. So, if you want flexibility, digital is the go-to option.


Where can you get it?

You can get both the physical painting on canvas and the digital print on canvas here.



“Granadas” is a painting that makes the viewer take their time and slowly appreciate the painting’s beauty. The color palette of this paint fully captures the somber side of the Jewish culture and highlights some of the core values. So, if you want something that’s a little personal for you or just a good painting that goes with your taste, feel free to check out Granadas.


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